To start this article, it may be convenient once again to differentiate rebranding from restyling, in the former it deals with fundamental problems, in the second it is basically about problems of form.

There are many reasons why a company could decide that it is time for a rebranding strategy for its brand: positioning problems, loss of differentiation, changes in the target, loss of market, gaining cohesion between different brands, reputation problems…
If you’re thinking it’s time for your brand, make sure you don’t make these 10 mistakes.


  1. Forgetting that branding is not marketing

Branding defines a value proposition for your brand. Marketing is responsible for bringing it to market. Talking about branding is not talking about logos but about the essence that helps define its own meaning projected through an identity and image for a brand.

  1. Forgetting the past

To live in the present and project the future, it is necessary to understand the past. On many occasions, the answer to the future lies in the brand’s own history.

  1. Forgetting stakeholders

Starting from external and internal research is essential for the start of any rebranding process. You should never assume that you know what the brand needs without considering a vision of the different stakeholders.

  1. Forgetting the future

As with any branding strategy, remember that you don’t want short-term results. What you do is not only for today, but to help your brand grow in the future and will have to anticipate the needs that may arise in the medium term.

  1. Forgetting about trends

If your brand wants to be a leader in its sector, it shouldn’t copy trends. Just following trends is dangerous. It doesn’t mean you can’t improve your aesthetic, but being a “me too” isn’t usually the best strategy.

  1. Forgetting products

Staying at a logo change may not be enough to convince of a transformation in what the brand wants to represent. On many occasions it is important to consider the repositioning of products or services to clearly support what the brand intends.

  1. Forgetting that no one can please everyone

Your brand can’t be all things to all people, you don’t even have to try. Trying to attract more people should never jeopardize those who already follow you from doing so. Check the clarity of your brand, which is inextricably linked to business results.

  1. Forgetting that it costs money

A rebranding involves research, strategy, creativity, and internal and external activation. Make sure you’re prepared for the entire process if you want to avoid being left half-baked.

  1. Forgetting to measure results

Repositioning and launching the brand is only the first step in the process. It will be necessary for you to measure the results based on having identified what the indicators of the success of the operation will be.

  1. Forgetting to hire a professional

Branding is much more complex than it may seem. Brand consultancies offer specialized services that provide the best guarantees of success when it comes to managing a company’s main asset: its brand.


Carlos Puig Falcó
CEO of Branward