Squeezing the most out of the brand

Brand Strategy, Brand Portfolio Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Communication

Client: AMC Group


AMC GROUP, the third largest Spanish food company in international sales, with a presence on five continents and more than 3000 employees around the world, is a leading company in fruit and natural drinks with high added value. Their pillars are innovation, health, naturalness and sustainability.

In their bid for the permanent optimization of their resources, they have requested a complete review of one of their brands to find new growth opportunities.

ZÜ is a Venture Brand, exclusive to the Eroski Group but without direct reference, characterised by top shelf positioning. It currently boasts a wide range of over 40 juices with innovative flavours and a variety of fruit.

There is no juice without… flavour!

After an in-depth analysis of the market, targets, competition and the emotional bonds between consumers and food, Branward developed a strategy for ZÜ that determined a new territory for the brand, a reordering of its portfolio, a complete update of its visual identity, the creation of a powerful brand block and reinforcing the naturalness of the packaging that will boost the quality of the product.

Strengthening the emotional bond

The success of any brand is linked to the level of customer engagement. We strengthened the brand’s emotional bonds by identifying the main need states in each range, encouraging the identification of specific brand territories. As such, factors such as pleasure, adventure, belonging, health, etc. actively contributed to the arrangement of the portfolio.

Territories were prioritized on authenticity, honesty, taste and attention to detail. Each of these represented the basis for creative development.