Zerca. Grupo Ramos

The perfect balance

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Grupo Ramos is the leading retailer in the Dominican Republic, with 70 establishments and around 10,000 workers. The Dominican Republic’s economy has experienced the most growth in Latin America and the Caribbean due to a solid demand in domestic consumption. This has led to a budding middle class and an increase in consumption habits resulting from the use of technology among the youth. Faced with Dominican consumers more concerned with how to invest their money, distributors have seen strong increases in recent times. This new market environment has brought about a novel strategic approach for Grupo Ramos’ own brands.
After years with their own brand FIRST CLASS, Grupo Ramos decided to replace it with two new brands, aimed at satisfying their two target markets, strengthening trust in the company.

The new brand for market-price value must be able to stand out and provide its own value proposition.

The fair value of daily life

“Peace of mind” is the territory where we located this new brand, which offers customers the chance to meet the needs of every family, shopping without worries, simplifying daily life. A close brand that adapts to the customer’s needs through the simplicity of its products, at the lowest price on the market. This led us to a value proposition that highlights involvement: “A knowing brand that cares about you, so that you can nurture your loved ones thanks to its value-adjusted products with the ideal qualities for your needs.”

From this was born the brand idea: the fair value of daily life.

ZERCA was chosen as the name for this new brand, boosting the concept of involvement that characterizes it. A name that feels familiar and close. The visual identity was conceived taking into account the concept of the smart choice in value for money. A proposition that is based on the % symbol, as a synthesis of the concept of adjusted value, and includes it in the logo as well as in product presentation.

Based on a white background, we aim to add value to the concept of a white brand, in a market where such products find themselves in the midst of expansion. Visually simple and close, each reference is easily visible without visual tricks.