Energising a very fresh brand

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity,
Brand Communications, Retail Branding
Client: Yolas


“YOLAS” is the result of the more than 40 years’ experience making artisan ice cream together with the worldwide “boom” of creative ice lollies. A young, innovative and fun brand, capable of responding to an audience that demands a new way to enjoy ice cream, adapted to a new way of living life. This is, of course, without sacrificing the high quality of its products, the richness of textures, flavours and attractive colours.

Live an experience

The increase of the “ready to eat” concept in the world of food has led to the emergence of multiple chains of all kinds that have also driven ice cream consumption. The market has segregated into impulse-consumption ice cream, home-made ice cream and artisan ice cream. The combination of impetus and artisan quality is the basis for the originality of YOLAS. When personalisation is added to this mix, the result is a magnificent experience that achieves maximum enjoyment for customers.

Illusionary moments

YOLAS entrusted the Branward Argentina team with a unique brand challenge: in a booming category, they requested a more emotional relationship with the public, crossing the ice cream barrier and entering the world of experience as they planned to expand the company.

We created a brand strategy that captured the true joy of the moments lived with YOLAS as if they were small gifts for large moments. This idea grew into an expressive and very playful visual identity system. An artisan identity but reflected in a young, vital and fresh, very fresh, manner. Each element reinforces a global personality in which everything seems to be the result of a game, from the ice cream stick to the cases, from the saturated colour gamut to the typographic system of the signage. This is finally reinforced with direct communication, based on short and very simple messages, where using hashtags allows the brand to trend on social networks.