Energy for a fresh brand

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The increase in the concept of ‘ready to eat’ in the world of food has seen the emergence of a number of chains of all types, including in the consumption of ice cream. The market has divided into impulse consumption of ice cream, ice cream to take home and artisanal ice cream. The combination of impulse and artisanal quality is the basis for YOLAS. When the possibility of personalisation is added to the mix, the result is a magnificent experience that maximises the customer’s enjoyment.

YOLAS charged the team at Branward Argentina with a brand challenge in a booming category, aiming to forge an emotional bond with the public that went beyond ice cream into the world of experience, as a measure for a planned company expansion.

The joy of life’s little moments

We created a brand strategy that captured the simple joy of life’s little moments with YOALS, like little rewards for big events. This idea gave birth to an expressive and very playful system of visual identity. An artisanal identity with a youthful, vital and fresh reflection. Each of the elements that we developed reinforced a personality in which everything appeared to be the fruit of a game, from the stick to the packaging, from the saturated colour scheme to a fresh and carefree photography style.

All of this reinforced by direct communication based on simple short messages, where the use of hashtags helped place the brand at the top of trends on social networks.