Yatekomo GB Foods

Getting ahead of the consumer

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GB Foods and Branward have reaped great success thanks to Yatekomo. After the market launch of its line of instant Asian noodles, which, 18 months later, had reached over 5 million consumers, Yatekomo has succeeded in being a regular presence in the shopping cart of 20% of Spanish households. Moreover, we have 100% market penetration, that is, it can be found in every supermarket, something very difficult to achieve.

The development of the brand focused on the basic pillars of the youth market such as trust and ease of preparation.

The project began with research into territories and exploring the corresponding routes, which analysed and transmitted the concept of fun and the experience of taste. The result was the perfect blending of the territory of convenience and the concept of fun, built into Yatekomo’s DNA, with the exploration of new flavours originating from different countries.

After the original design’s success which promoted the concept of “ready to go”, represented by an overhead image of the cup, in 2018 a strategic shift was made in the brand concept to promote “Food Appeal”, more in line with the new market reality.

Yakisoba Asian Gourmet

After the original range’s great success, the family was expanded with “Yakisoba Asian Gourmet”, Asian noodles prepared according to the traditional Japanese recipe: vegetables, meat and Asian sauce. Yakisoba was another great success for the brand, being named “Product of the Year” in 2017.