A total revolution

Brand positioning,
Brand identity, Packaging design
Client: GB Foods

We defined a new market segment

GB Foods and Branward continue succeeding thanks to Yatekomo. The company launched its first range of instant oriental noodles in 2014. A year and a half later, over 5 million customers had tasted it. Since then, they have succeeded in being in the shopping cart of 20% of Spanish homes. Furthermore, market entry rate is 100%, which means that Yatekomo is now available in all supermarkets, something difficult to achieve.
It ranks as a national leader in the Spanish market, with a market share of 64%, and it has made the ready-meals segment grow by 74%.

Brand image

The brand Yatekomo is the most successful innovation of the company. These delicious quick-to-cook oriental noodles are presented in a customised pack easy to identify. The main focus of brand development is focused on the basic pillars of youth society, such as trust and ease of use and/or preparation.

The project started with a search of new territories and the corresponding exploration of ways, which analysed and transferred the concept of fun and the flavours experience. The result is the perfect combination of the convenience territory and the concept of fun, clustered in the DNA of the brand Yatekomo, with the exploration of the new flavours coming from different countries.

The originals

A range that starts with a double objective, to assert their situation as market pioneers and provide with the recognition and segmentation against the rest of categories.

From the initial design, Branward promoted the concept “Ready to go” to convey the message “Consume wherever and whenever you want”, through the very naming and a highlighted flash. A design aimed at generating a high impact on the self against competitors, which also managed to establish a clear, direct and simple structure. Few elements, all of them relevant, which help understand the value proposition on the spot.

The oriental gourmet

After the great success of the oriental range, this branch was expanded with ‘Yakisoba Gourmet Oriental’, oriental noodles based on the traditional Japanese recipe: vegetables, meat and oriental sauce.

Yakisoba has been another great success for the brand, which has been chosen “Product of the year” 2017, after 3 years they had managed to sell over 100m.

New territories for the brand

The company continues to innovate and has presented us with the challenge of discovering new territories for brand support. We devised a new range, the “Yatekomo World Tour” to cover a range that transcends oriental noodles. A series of easy, convenient and quick recipes inspired by different countries in the world, like Cous Cous from Morocco or Pasta Carbonara from Italy. A way to make customers gastronomically travel without leaving their homes.

The identity of this subrange was reinforced by the integration of new visuals. A set of artworks that reflect in a distended and fun way the clichés any young person could have about the place of origin of the recipes presented to them.

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