Wala. Grupo Ramos

Always surprising you

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Grupo Ramos is the leading retailer in the Dominican Republic, with 70 establishments and around 10,000 workers. The Dominican Republic’s economy has experienced the most growth in Latin America and the Caribbean due to a solid demand in domestic consumption. This has led to a budding middle class and an increase in consumption habits resulting from the use of technology among the youth. Faced with Dominican consumers more concerned with how to invest their money, distributors have seen strong increases in recent times. This new market environment has brought about a novel strategic approach for Grupo Ramos’ own brands.
After years with their own brand FIRST CLASS, Grupo Ramos decided to replace it with two new brands, aimed at satisfying their two target markets, strengthening trust in the company.

The new brand for a mid-range market segment must be able to stand out and provide its own value proposition.

Intelligent shopping

We located the brand in the territory of “intelligent shopping”: a satisfying brand, with a wide variety, high quality and a good price; a brand for those who seek the best choice. This led us to a value proposition focused on the concept of surprise: “Wala is the faithful ally that surprises you with new top quality products at the most competitive price on the market”.

From there came arose the brand idea: “at your side to surprise you”.

WALA is the name of the new brand, conceived to strengthen the effect of surprise as the result of something the customers did not expect, offering easy solutions to any of their needs. The visual identity was created to reinforce the strategic base with direct, expressive and impactful results. A dynamic logo that can adapt to the formats where it is applied. The shapes, colours and images were designed to create a visual universe that automatically evokes a world of wonder, nearly magical, linked directly to the brand’s DNA.