The value of originality

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Verdaz was born with the aim of becoming a market place of reference for sustainable products, connecting small local producers with consumers who value quality, authenticity, and proximity. A new way of reclaiming traditions, adapted to an interconnected world. 

Consumers’ concern for their own physical and mental  wellbeing is gaining ground. “Clean label” natural products are appearing in more and more shopping carts. As well, sustainability as a transversal idea (km0, ecological production, social responsibility, etc.) is playing an increasing role. 

In a moment of societal transformation, they turned to Branward to guarantee the creation of a powerful brand, able to represent a company committed to their surroundings, both social and environmental.

Getting back to the real

General interest in health and sustainability has become widespread recently. Millennials and Generation Z are very health-conscious, and their desire to shop in accordance with their values has driven the growth of sustainable food markets as healthier alternatives. 

A reflection of the slow life movement, which opposes the culture of instant gratification, the brand highlights quality, humanity, honesty, while appreciating simple things above modern pressures (competition, fast food, unchecked consumption, etc.). 

Following an analysis that let us establish some parameters, we placed the new brand in a territory that highlights the original, the genuine, the land. Faced with products from large distributors, faced with ultra-processed food, faced with indecipherable labels, this is a proposition that respects health, society, and the environment. A balanced brand, proud of its roots, that wants to be at the forefront of a shift towards a mentality that many had lost sight of. 

We synthesized the brand strategy in the idea of “Connecting the real”, which is itself a declaration of intent and highlights the value of origin, honesty, transparency, and places it in the framework of direct producer-customer relationships.

VERDAZ was the name conceived for the new brand. A descriptive denomination that unites “Verdad” (truth) and “Veraz” (truthful), and strengthens the brand values, highlighting the honesty that makes it stand out from the crowd. The word’s Latin roots help define its origin and framework. 

The brand’s visual identity and its graphic universe directly contribute to a positive perception, set in the natural world. Consumers assume that nobody is perfect, including the products they consume. The time has come to value blemished fruit and ‘ugly’ vegetables, which speak, in their own way, to the importance of substance over style.  

Integration between the physical and digital worlds is one of the basic requirements for modern commerce. This means that the customers must be able to buy what they want, when they want, wherever they are, with a value proposition that matches their needs. Customers are looking for solutions for their lifestyle. We met this challenge through a multichannel vision, developing an e-commerce platform capable of executing the defined strategy, while also defining the brand’s digital bases.

“Branward has guided and oriented me in the realization of my project, building a brand that will, without a doubt, make a splash. They are one of the most professional companied I’ve had the chance to work with. Moreover, their personal treatment is one of their most outstanding attributes, as is their accessibility”.

Jovita García
Fundadora y CEO de VERDAZ