Tea of life

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Moments of freedom

Tea of Life -Kombucha has been producing this healthy, artisanal drink in Ibiza since 2015, without concentrates, made with organic ingredients and water from one of the best springs on the island. Its story begins in the markets of this magnificent enclave, with the firm purpose of sharing a natural and healthy drink with the world.

The fermented sector is booming. Although this food transformation system is as old as humanity, there are many quotes about the healthy benefits of its consumption. After a first stage of preparation and stabilization, the firm goes to Branward to get the necessary momentum to stand out in the market. To do this, we address a complete project of analysis, strategy, verbal and visual identity, as well as the keys to its re-launch.

A sip of freedom

All people experience some moment of dissatisfaction throughout their lives. Faced with the current pace of life, we seek for the brand to attract a community of non-conformist people, who choose natural ingredients, who take care of everyone and our planet, inspired by the island’s own cultural movements.

People who pursue freedom, being able to choose what is in line with their beliefs and values; healthy foods that allow you to live with a clear conscience because you have chosen authentic products, without additives, products that are real.

The island of Ibiza has a magical character, it is a focus of cultures and has established itself over time as an international reference for those who have wanted to live without ties. This is a differentiating aspect of the brand, which is why the name change to Vedrà, which borrows the name of this islet of secrets and legends in Ibiza, represents a magnificent opportunity to build an entire history for the brand. In Ibizan culture it is said that its inhabitants see in this little piece of land a new world that surrounds the island, with the Mediterranean Sea being a world full of opportunities and freedom.

The visual identity and its graphic universe contribute to projecting the magic that Vedrà gives off, an environment where you can feel good about yourself and everything that surrounds you. In the lettering the “A” is constructed as a representation of the islet itself. Next to it, a set of organic shapes are structured that evoke the nature of the island, highlighting the origin of the natural ingredients. The dynamism in the figures helps to project that living spirit that always seeks to achieve a unique moment that awakens the senses.

In search of coherence at the different points of contact, the packaging of the complete range was redefined, becoming a key communication element for the brand.

To give life to the new brand, we developed a set of activation initiatives included in a plan that contributes to generating a meaningful brand experience, generating emotional bonds with its audience and building step by step a new brand image loaded with emotion.