UGT 130th anniversary

The union that was born in a printing house

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The celebration of the 130th anniversary of Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT) was a chance for the union to present itself openly and intimately to society in general.

We developed a creative strategy based on a concept that would be the backbone of all communication and PR undertaken during the year of the anniversary.

We found out that the union was born out of the desire to defend workers’ rights and above all, to give dignity to every worker’s job. Its founder, Pablo Iglesias, was a printer. Moreover, in UGT’s First National Workers’ Congress, 5,154 affiliates joined, 1,391 of whom were from the Spanish Typography Federation, the most represented sector.

Pable Iglesias put together thousands of letters a day, giving shape to the union of thousands of workers that he would go on to create. This became a delightful metaphor: bringing together letters to become words, which themselves become opinion, from which the UGT was born.

We created an identity and storytelling inspired by the world of printing and typography. We gave it shape with a potent and impactful contemporary look, celebrating its founder: Pablo Iglesias.

To activate it, we developed different pieces of communication and put together a traveling exhibition to extol the values that animate the organization.