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Client: Sareb


SAREB (Society of Asset Management from Bank Restructuring) has promoted the creation of SOCIMI (Anonymous Listed Company of Investment in the Real Estate Market) to bring to market a large part of its rental housing park.

TEMPORE PROPERTIES is the name assigned to this SOCIMI that will be quoted before the end of the year, and it will be a Company that will have a life and personality of its own even if in the future SAREB could disappear from its shareholding.

The name Témpore Properties refers to the limited time horizon of Sareb itself as well as his participation in this Socimi. On the other hand, the concept of rent itself also refers to this temporality.

Visual Identity

Branward built a visual identity inspired by the geometric shapes that form the very foundation of architecture as a starting point for placing it in the real estate sector. A building, of any kind, can be considered as the union of geometric figures.

They are non-empty ensembles, full of life, that in themselves shape spaces providing proportions, balance and harmony for the use of people.

It was based on the creation of a simple icon in the form of a square, which defines a continent – the house-, in which a triangle is inserted, as content and symbolizing the life that can be carried out in each home. The colour gamut is based on blue hues as representatives of trust, security and stability; all this reinforced with the typography of Roman or classic features, plotted in a low box to transmit greater proximity.

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