Strengthening brand culture

Identity Design,
Culture Strategy, Brand Activation
Client: Boheringer Ingelheim

Building and development of an Internal Branding project for the Spanish Branch of pharmaceutical laboratory Boehringer Ingelheim. The internal brand plan lean ton the conceptualisation of a Brand Them aiming to strengthen engagement and workers’ motivation, as well as to celebrate Spiriva’s 10th anniversary.

Umbrella concept

Branward as a vehicle, Branward designed an umbrella concept capable of unifying the essence of the company, the product’s features and the client’s perspective. The claim pools the very celebration with a motivational message: “10 YEARS PROMOTING HAPPINESS, 10 MORE YEARS BREATHING PASSION”.

For this concept to come to life, we created a personal Visual Universe from a dynamic graphic representation that represented the capability to stay future leaders thanks to the union between the whole team. In order to do so, we worked with the graphic resource of a parentehesis that opens and closes filled in with contents, as a metaphor for breathing, in which our lungs open and fill with oxygen.

Promotional events

We designed different applications that had a leading role during the meetings held simultaneously in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga and Oviedo.

Two major parts formed the SPIRIVA thrust in each of the cities; on the one hand, a motivational dinner in which they blew the candles for the 10th birthday, and on the other, a training and Team Building meeting with the presence of Sebastián Álvaro, director of the TV show “Al filo de lo imposible”.