Sky España

A single voice, nearby and human

Brand voice, Manual de redacción
Client: Sky España


Sky España offers a curated selection of pay channels, series, films and documentaries. The platform combines the best live entertainment with a large catalogue of in-demand content. The platform’s users can enjoy exclusive original productions like Patrick Melrose, Gomorra, The Immortal, Chernobyl, The Miracle, Catherine the Great, Cobra, Curfew, Save Me, Temple.

With the aim of achieving greater cohesion across all brand communication, Sky turned to Branward. The goal was to establish a Brand Style Guide, with a series of guidelines to adapt the writing to each medium, enabling the creation of messages in keeping with all that Sky represents. The tone and personality of communication were aligned with the target audience, taking into account the differences in addressing fans of series and those fascinated by historical documentaries.

How to communicate with such a diverse audience?

Communication is an incredibly important part of running a successful business. One must be able to effectively communicate with different targets. To do so requires skill and a strategy to identify common points as well as those that differentiate them. Through the brand’s own personality, with a clearly defined tone, we established how to address each point of contact.

Without rules everything is chaos

The next step was to establish some General Rules of Use for all of Sky’s messages. Communication must follow certain guidelines to bring cohesion and organization across all points. Some basic rules were established from naming to announcing content releases and cross brand promotions. All of this was compiled in a single document so that those in charge of generating content and managing the Sky brand could make use of it, cementing cohesion amongst them. The order of exposition, the integrity of the information, characteristic clarity… All of this is key to readers forming an idea of what the brand stands for.

Always centred on the customer

It is a pleasure to say that Sky is one of the highest rated brands in customer service. They take every person-to-person conversation seriously as an opportunity to get to show the people behind the brand. Establishing guidelines for those people is an essential element of those conversations, demonstrating professionalism and cohesion. We established how to greet customers, resolve problems and sign off, whether in a chat, FAQs or social media.