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Brand strategyBrand architecture

Ecus Sleep is a consolidated Spanish company with a presence in 50 international markets. Based on the slogan ‘everybody deserves a good rest’, they foster a healthier life. The company designs, manufactures and markets its products under different brands adapted to different lifestyles. With an eye on new needs for rest, they charged us with reinforcing their leadership position to orient the company towards a new reality where the home has regained special importance.

At Branward, we conducted a thorough analysis of the situation and the market, which led us to review their brand architecture as a pillar on which to set a new strategy and positioning.

Brand architecture

The new architecture was defined taking into account the entirety of the relationships amongst the brands at various levels. These relationships, based on different levels of interaction, required a series of guidelines with regard to the verbal and visual identity if each brand, with the understanding that the elements of that identity needed to form a whole that transmitted a concrete meaning.

We developed a range of alternatives that offered solutions from a collection of perspectives tied to the future of the business, from which the final scenario was chosen.

Brand strategy. New corporate brand

As a result of the brand architecture, the new role of Corporate Brand was assigned to one of the product brands, Senttix, due to the positive values and benefits associated with it, which surpassed the potential trajectory of the original brand, Ecus. This was a turning point in the project, with a complete repositioning of Senttix, now assuming a double role, both Corporate and Master Brand. We boosted its emotional load and created the value proposition ‘Choose your good side’ as each of us has a good side of the bed, while at the same time, sleeping with Senttix will enable us to show the world our good side as people.

We then developed value propositions for the other Master Brands: Ecus Kids, specialists in children’s sleep, and Khama, targeting young consumers and online sales.