Giovanni Rana

A love story

Brand Consulting, Innovation,
Product Identity, Packaging Design
Client: Giovanni Rana


The Italian brand Giovanni Rana is a world reference in fresh pasta. Since 1962 they have made and commercialised their range of products preserving their values of artisan origin and picking the best products for their recipes. From Verona – Italy has succeeded in spreading the love for good pasta all over the world. In a few years, their dream has come true and Branward is happy to have contributed in an effective way to this great success in a relationship that goes a while back.

A love story

Our relationship with the brand comes from a winning project for the Spanish market. Winner of the client’s trust, winner of amazing percentages of market share gain, winner of International Prizes like a gold prize at Pentawards and another one at Festival Sol.

We were capable of breaking the codes in a whole category and be a market reference, to the point that others have tried to follow our steps. Italia was no stranger to success, which was also adopted at an international level.

Family grows

Innovation is a driver for growth for Rana, who is still growing and spreading out to more countries offering better fresh pasta and fulfilling the dreams of a family that does not stop growing.

One of the latest developments is the range of fresh pasta without a filling. Branward has designed a very attractive and powerful image for this range, aiming for it to outstand on a complex shelf and bolster the brand’s values.

Another development is the branch of organic products “Bio Integral”. We proposed a new design structure and a new organisation of visual elements, but yet respecting an overall appearance for Rana. A completely zenithal view, with a much light illumination, which highlights the ingredients and the more natural aspect of pasta making.

These developments have joined a new concept in pasta making: sautéed, in the form of the “gnocchi à poéler” range. A case that only made the design more difficult, for it was necessary to illustrate that it is also a different way to cook pasta.

The American adventure has always been present in Italian culture. Giovani Rana’s know-how has rapidly spread in a market that is ruled by codes different from those of Europe. Supported by Branward Buenos Aires, we stretched Rana’s essence to a highly competitive environment.