Rana USA

The family grows

Innovation, Product Identity,
Packaging Design
Client: Giovanni Rana USA

In 2012, Rana arrived in the United States, opening up an enormous market with very different characteristics from the European one.

While taking into account the existing packaging design on the other side of the ocean, the products had to adapt to a highly competitive market while maintaining brand identity.

Love for cuisine

The first stage focused on generating a brand block in the line to achieve brand presence. Step by step, the packaging for this market developed its own identity with images and fonts that conveyed the search for excellence, tradition, and the naturalness of its carefully selected ingredients.

Signature Meals

The Signature Meal Kits range, created to deliver elaborate pasta dishes in minutes, needed to reinforce the concept of the Chef’s recipe.

Therefore, a card was designed to feature the chef’s recipe notes from the master Giovanni Rana’s own hand. This card gained prominence to become the graphic resource for the brand block of the most elaborate product lines, livened up with appealing images that demand to be tasted.

Appetite Appeal

One premise that is always present in Rana packaging is the concept of “Appetite appeal”, where we prioritize reducing the size of the brand name, to entice with images that underline its artisanal origins, its tradition and love of food.

Constant innovation

Different product offers, from traditional flat or stuffed pasta to sophisticated meal kits, born of the modern consumer’s need to prepare and serve a meal in minutes.

This new concept continues to draw on the quality of its ingredients, its experience and tradition and above all, its taste.