Cresta Rosa Perelada

A breath of fresh air for a classic

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The purpose of Perelada wines and cavas is to reflect the personality of where it comes from and its enormous wine potential, ensuring each bottle captures the richness and details of its land. One of its brands, Cresta Rosa, comprises a range of rosé wines. This range requires a complete renovation of its meaning, image and communication strategy.

Although there is not an established tradition in Spain of drinking rosé wine, it is quickly becoming quite popular, as it is an excellent wine for younger palates.

It is difficult to become fond of wine from a full-bodied red that has an alcohol content of more than 14%. Conversely, rosé wine is much more agreeable to drink. This is the basis of our strategy, which seeks to make the brand fashionable among a young audience who are more adventurous. Our target market leads an uninhibited lifestyle and enjoys spending time with friends and sharing life.

Pink is the colour of seduction and it is the colour of Cresta Rosa: it should be used to rejuvenate the brand and get people to start talking about it. This is why we have created an identity inspired by everyday communication, the same discourse you can find anywhere you eat breakfast, have an apéritif, sit down for a snack or dine for dinner. That characteristic familiar style of someone who speaks to you directly. This is how we will approach our target audience and seduce them, so they will see us as more than a brand: a friend.

To raise awareness of the new brand image and reinforce the customer experience, we have associated it with a Mediterranean lifestyle, defined by life on bar terraces, the growth of the apéritif experience and the popularity of wineries and vermouths routes. A variety of activities including experiences, actions taking place in the hospitality channel and participating in events were designed so that the brand could more easily approach the consumer, who can also find the product in the supermarket.

The illustrations, created by Iván Bravo, reinforce the personality of the brand, with a style that creates trends and is the platform on which the communication strategy stands. The carefree strokes of the chalk on a blackboard canvas seem to come to life through a variety of special and unique moments.

The combination of those illustrations, actual photographs of the product and other certain images, create an unforgettable mood.

Rosé wine can be drunk at any time of the day and marries well with all meals. It is a wine that is a pleasure to drink again and again. This idea gave rise to the “All day tour” concept, set as the basis of our communication strategy. Cresta Rosa is an exquisite melody that you can enjoy whenever you like, a symphony that always delightfully surprises.

This led us to create a website where the visitor interacts with the browser almost as if it were a game. When you initially enter the site, you are asked to choose a time of day, and the browser will give a fun and pleasant definition of the wine for that moment, inviting you to enjoy and share Cresta Rosa with the person of your choice. A game that you can play again and again while discovering the fun moments you can have with the brand.