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Cotécnica is a agrifood cooperative specializing in responsible food with a division of food products for animals as a fundamental pillar of the organization. A new brand was undertaken to bring the premise that high quality food is the basis for pets’ health to life. The new brand will merge two existing ones, which will help strengthen its positioning and optimise it communications resources.

The market tends to humanize pets in that their owners believe that what is good for them is also good for their pets. Products collected under the concept of natural make up over 50% of this specialized segment. This presents a great opportunity for Cotécnica, which, as an agrifood cooperative, is closely link by DNA to the concept.

Under the umbrella ‘real food’, the new brand OWNAT was born, a turning point in the successful journey of the cooperative, based on natural ingredients, fresh meat, without preservatives or colouring.

Branward created the new identity starting with a logo that acts as an important symbol of recognition and validation of a concept that brings together three categories of food products for cats and dogs.

Packaging design and architecture

The project presented a challenge regarding the architecture of the information, starting with identifying sub-ranges and ending with the prioritization of each message that make up all the communication that appears on the package.

The packaging design was inspired by the desire to make a big common impact, but with the ability to segment while remaining easily identifiable to the consumer. It was therefore structured in two blocks, separated by the logo which ties them together. The emotional component can be found in the upper part, while the lower part is home to the more rational and fundamental side of the design.

Because they also have their moment ... gourmet!

Because they also have their…gourmet moment!
On the back of early success, the new range OWNAT WETLINE, a line of wet food for cats and dogs with 100% natural ingredients, in line with the brand’s essence, was launched. A range conceived to provide complete healthy and natural nutrition, but with greater hydration, which also appeals more to the animals themselves.