Natural emerges powerfully

Brand Consulting, Brand Execution,
Corporate identity, Packaging design
Client: Cotécnica


Cotécnica is a food and agriculture co-op specialised in responsible food, with a division of pet food which is a fundamental pillar for the Organisation. On the premise that high-quality food is the base for pets’ good health, a proposal was made to create a brand capable of conveying that premise. The new brand will unite two of the existing brands, which will help bolster their positioning and optimise communication resources.

The market tends to a humanisation of pets, since their owners think from the bottom of their hearts that what is good for them will also be good for their pets. Products labelled under the concept of natural account for 50 percent of the specialised segment of the market. These aspects represent a great opportunity for Cotécnica, which as a food and agriculture co-op, is closely linked to these concepts by its DNA.

The most genuine arises

Under the umbrella of “True food”, the brand OWNAT comes into being, which marks a turning point in the successful business career of the co-op, and it is based on: natural ingredients, fresh meat, without preservatives or colourants.
Branward designed the new identity as of a logo that acts as an important element of recognition and validation of a concept that conveys three different categories of pet food for cats and dogs.

The project posed a real challenge regarding information architecture, starting by identifying the subranges and finishing by prioritising each and every message comprising the total amount of communications shown on the packs. Packaging design is inspired in the will to generate a great common impact, although with the capability of segmenting and easing identification by the clients. This way, it is structured in two main blocks, separated by the logo, which acts as a binder. At the top we have the most emotional component, and at the bottom we placed the space for the more rational and important for the design.

Aiming to convey trust, we used very clean images, gestural typographies and still-life ingredients placed under a very natural optic. In contrast with the more colourful Classic range, the Ultra range acquires a black base, although it keeps the same structure and contributes to the original objective.

Lastly, the Grain Free range, as a sub-segment linked to the natural concept, is built under a set of images linked to nature, leaving the weight of pets in the background. It is also a range that includes a subrange, the line of hypoallergenic products, which was settled with whiter-coloured backgrounds, directly linked to the concept of health.