My Urban Food

Reinventing urban habits

Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Retail, Digital
Cliente: My Urban Food


Cities move to their own rhythm. Their fast pace and time constraints often shape the way we feed ourselves. However, fast healthy food really is possible. MyUrbanFood is a new concept that moves at the speed of Buenos Aires, conceived for those who watch what they eat, especially at lunchtime.

My Urban Food
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MY URBAN FOOD is the descriptive label given to those who eat out, and are looking for varied, tasty and healthy food.

Our own research led us to reinvent a scenario largely unexplored in the area, beyond typical fast food. The brand revolves around three points: tasty, healthy and nearby. This positioning forges an emotional connection with the consumer.

The implementation of the brand dealt with the product (packaging), point of sale (retail) and on-line (digital) to create a complete global experience.

With this project we are reorienting the basis of fast food towards a new concept: “Deli-take away”. To do so, we created original graphics and devised a customer loyalty campaign based on “MYUF points” – a quick and easy, helpful guide. An irresistible range of over 70 references. A brand that follows you throughout the city.

My Urban Food Ensalada

We interpreted the urban lifestyle through an esthetic that combines the roughness of the city with the transparency and honesty that all brands need to convey to connect with their audience.

We set up graphics that succeeded in creating a strong branding system, as well as providing nutritional information in a straightforward way. At the same time, we developed the photographic style to reinforce the brand’s positioning with striking and appealing images.The family of products has grown over time, with a simple, fast and honest offering of fresh, tasty nutritional products.

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My Urban Blanco
My Urban Negro

The family of products has grown over time, with a simple, fast and honest offering of fresh, tasty nutritional products.

Every day, delicious healthy meals are prepared. Free of preservatives, these products are always consumed fresh, which allows for a different daily alternative.

Ready to eat products are growing in popularity. Lack of time, the reduction of living space and a change in eating habits has led to a move away from full meals to smaller snacks and light lunches, a world of new opportunities for the introduction of small practical formats that add value to the brand.

My Urban Food