My Urban Food

New habits in human consumption

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MY URBAN FOOD is the descriptive label given to those who eat out, and are looking for varied, tasty and healthy food.

Our own research led us to reinvent a scenario largely unexplored in the area, beyond typical fast food. The brand revolves around three points: tasty, healthy and nearby. This positioning forges an emotional connection with the consumer.

The implementation of the brand dealt with the product (packaging), point of sale (retail) and on-line (digital) to create a complete global experience.
With this project we are reorienting the basis of fast food towards a new concept: “Deli-take away”. Lack of time, the reduction of living space and a change in eating habits with simplified meals has led to a move away from full meals to smaller snacks and light lunches, a world of new opportunities for the introduction of small practical formats that add value to the brand.