Creating connections

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Moventia is a multinational family company specialized in mobility for people and cities. Throughout 100 years of history, it has developed a business model focused on customers, with innovation and sustainability as growth drivers. Its great international development and the changes in the automotive business model have led it to consider the need to undertake a repositioning to adapt it to the demands of a market immersed in complete transformation. A more complex environment with new players and a younger, much more digitalized customer.

Relationship question

After an extensive initial analysis, at Branward we understood that the first step in repositioning had to focus on a review of the brand architecture. Moventia is made up of Moventis (collective mobility division) and Movento (private mobility), and these in turn are configured by different sub-brands. The initial analysis and research was done jointly with the Moventia team in order to integrate internal insights as much as possible.

To maximize the value of the company’s corporate brand, we reduced the complexity of the architecture and established the most appropriate roles and relationships between each of the brands, optimizing a model that provides consistency and cohesion between the different brands.

Prepared for the future

The brand is the expression of the essence of the organization, thus it was necessary to completely transform the corporate identity in response to a new scenario.

The typography has been renewed, providing much more closeness. The visual cut is a reflection of the concept of connection, also facilitating segmentation between the different brands although reinforcing coherence between them.

The new design is respectful of the previous color palette, to maintain the necessary associations with the company’s history.

The isotype has been eliminated in favor of the creation of a brand system that actively collaborates in the construction of a current, unapologetic, direct and much more powerful identity.

Verbal Identity

Words are an important part of brand identity. Used effectively they shape the way we are perceived by others.

The Moventia style strengthens the brand and its capabilities, helps convey its values according to a unique personality and makes all touch points recognizable.

Bringing the brand to life

In order for the brand to be experienced in all its breadth, a process that goes from the inside to the outside of the company is necessary.

We developed a holistic vision that allowed us to transfer the essence of the brand inside with a brand culture project that ranged from office signage to a Behavior Manual.

Branward also worked on an Activation Plan to support leaders and their teams on their journey to the new brand.