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Since its beginning in 1940, Grifols has kept a close collaboration with hospitals and their professionals, developing and distributing haemotherapeutic treatments and innovative products in 90 countries all over the world. In this field, which is rapidly evolving, its activities have resulted in a number of technological advances that ease the work of pharmacists specialising in medical biology in three essential areas: blood banks, haemostasis and immunology.

Brand expression strategy

The area of Blood Typing Solutions needed to define a new brand expression strategy, capable of work emotionally both at a corporate and product level, for the area of immunohaematology of their diagnostic division, facing two great challenges:

Challenge 1: Reaffirm their position as a leading company capable of providing an effective solution for the needs of their clients and patients.

Challenge 2: Deliver emotion to a clinical setting, usually little exposed to this sort of impact, with a conspicuous, differentiating and remarkable message.

Compatibility and positioning.

The brand’s own personality was a source of inspiration. Compatibility is the central process of immunohaematology. A claim strong enough to convey in a direct, effective and emotional way the great competitive advantage of Grifols: Compatible with any need their clients may have and any type of patient.

We bolstered their position through a graphic campaign for the BLOOD TYPING SOLUTIONS branch, based on the main driver: the patient finds someone compatible, the client obtains an easy and safe way to know it, thanks to the flexibility of Grifols’ solutions. The graphic solution is formed by a series of pieces that combine impressive headlines with a creativity that is coherent with the company’s tone.

Brand Book

BLOOD TYPING SOLUTIONS is a strategic area for Grifols and its communication is equally important, which is why we patterned their visual identity and their various applications, aiming to achieve enough consistency to help building the brand.