Lacer Natur

Natural inspiration

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Laboratorios Lacer is part of a select group of family-run pharmaceutical companies that attain high levels of profitability, move large volumes of business and generate quality employment. In its handbook, dental health products enjoy widespread recognition and are the public face of the brand, given that they reach a large audience every day.

Lacer is aware of society’s new demands, of the change in customer habits, and wants to contribute to providing a healthy and balanced life. Once again, they turned to Branward so that together we brought a new range of products destined for great success to life.

The new brand of dental hygiene had to reflect the values of naturalness, ecology, sustainability, authenticity, health and care. We started out with the search for a simple and easily understandable name that could work internationally and that fit with the Lacer brand. After analysing over 30 alternatives, the universal concept of ‘Natur’ was chosen.

Global awareness of the environment

Branward dove into the meaning of the concept to find the roots of inspiration. ‘Natural’ refers to all that is relative to nature, but also as a property of things, and a specific character. The new Lacer Natur comes from the purest origins. A world of fresh tones derived directly from nature and greatly contribute to positioning the brand.

Natur’s identifiable handwritten script, like the prescription from a trusted expert, combines with typewriter font that eschews any trace of modernity, calling back to a time when things were done differently.