La Chelinda Beer&Food

Revolutionary franchise

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Beer&Food Group, property of Heineken España, is a company focused on creative restaurant formulas with the aim of being the reference point in franchising. They proposed the creation of a new brand for a new concept in Mexican cuisine to take elevate it to another level.

We were inspired by Mexico’s own history, where the revolution marked a turning point, supported by brave men, but also thanks to the bravery of a considerable number of revolutionary heroines. Brave and beautiful women not to be messed with, who celebrated their victories in cantinas, feeding their legend with courage and tasty dishes.

After strategic development, we came up with the creation of the name, a blend of two concepts deeply rooted in Mexican culture: Chela + Linda (beer + pretty). We thus gave life to a new word that perfectly synthesizes the brand’s DNA: la Chelinda. Visual cues reinforce its distinct, brave and singular character. We brought this angels of freedom to life by recovering old historical photographs and combining them with much more contemporary graphics, making a great impact on communication.

The interior design works with the branding to establish a clear position within the customers’ minds, able to place the brand as a destination of choice, enhancing the experience.