Defining a new market segment

Client: Komvida
Brand Strategy, Brand Execution.
Audit & Research, Corporate Identity,
Packaging design, Brand extension,
Advertising and Social Media.

Kombucha, in case you do not know it yet, is a fermented probiotic drink, of millenary tradition, also known as the elixir of life (Legend has it that samurais used to have it before battling). And kombucha has now become fashionable. So fashionable that it is now causing a real sensation in countries like Indonesia, Australia, the United States and, now, Spain.

Bea and Nuria, founderes of Komvida.

After learning of kombucha in California, Nuria Morales, chemical engineer expert in fermented products, and Beatriz Magro, expert in marketing and communication, decided to set up their own company in their home town, Fregenal de la Sierra. They built modern facilities on a 400-square-metres plot, and they started brewing the first premium-quality Spanish kombucha with local and organic products (except for the tea, which comes from Asia).
The beverage factory is nowadays capable of producing 150,000 bottles.

Starting brand architecture from scratch

Bea and Nuria were very clear about what they wanted to do and how to do it. What they were not so clear about was the brand strategy they should follow and the type of communication they had to carry out. That is where they asked us for help. So, we started brand architecture from scratch. We conducted a brand Audit with them and once we had the conclusions, we were able to create the brand mantra and the brand manual, which later on would help us design our marketing plan.

Image and packaging design

The next step was the image and packaging design. Our main goal was to place the brand in the market of soft drinks, leaving behind that of the healthy-yoga.

Once we had the new logo and packaging, we had to define the brand’s tone, something that usually goes unnoticed, but it’s critical to find a place in the market and know how we are going to address our customers.

Village and worldwide strategy

Bea and Nuria are from Fregenal de la Sierra, a small village in Extremadura. But also, they are two businesswomen who started their dream in California and intend to expand their product all over the world. That is how the concept ‘Village and worldwide’ was born.

Big idea: Brighten your inner life

Before starting to communicate, a brand needs to have a Big idea. In this case, after analysing the results of Bea and Nuria’s Brand Audit, it was clear to us: Komvida, brighten your inner life.
Starting from this Big idea, we will develop every piece of brand communication or discourse.

At your feet, your Highness

In the beginning, one of the greatest boosts Komvida had was knowing that Queen Letizia drinks Komvida in the palace.

Collaborations with other start-ups and multinationals have been very important in Komvida’s development.

Social media or the importance of using the same language as your target

When we design a piece of communication, whether for social networks or emailing, we need to be extra careful to respect the distinct tone and try to tell what we ought to tell, in a surprising way.