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Kombucha is a fermented probiotic beverage with a thousand-year tradition, known as the elixir of life. After discovering it, 2 Spanish entrepreneurs decided to set up their own business and create a brand in collaboration with Branward.

We saw the opportunity to create a clear and unique value proposition, projecting the brand as a combination of the emotional (tied to people) and the rational (tied to the product.)

We worked to identify the brand’s DNA and build a Brand Mantra: a simplified version that identifies the true feel of the brand.

Komvida supplies the vitality we all need, lightens our days and gives us a positive outlook. With Komvida: Give you inner life a shine.

This concept gave legs to the creation of its identity and visual universe, its packaging design and the definition of the brand’s first communication campaign, which was carried out primarily on social networks.

Mano de Santo (Miracle cure). From a village and of the world

For brand activation, we developed to short films, both starring the residents of the village where Komvida originated. The first, Mano de Santo (miracle cure) made reference to the Spanish saying, associated with remedies that cure everything.

The company founders are from a small village in Extremadura. However, they are also to businessmen who began their dream in California and want to expand their product throughout the world. The second short film ‘From the village and of the world’ highlights the product’s natural origins and benefits.

Komvida has experienced a spectacular boom, with multiple media appearances and its introduction into Starbucks.