Iquord Electroinnova

Investing in the future

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Electroinova is a young Spanish energy engineering company that has experienced spectacular growth originally specializing in renewable energy and extending to telecommunications, industrial electricity, naval electricity and e-house solutions. Its growth has been tied to a continuous process of expansion and internationalization, currently present in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Due to its steady growth and future ambitions, it is necessary to reposition the brand, transforming what was a domestic brand into a global one, laying the foundations to establish it as a leader and reference point in the sector.

We began with some co-creative group dynamic sessions (Design Thinking) with different teams, aimed at reaching common ideas. We detected twin insights: (B2B) companies are looking for a global experience that will give them peace of mind, (B2C) society wants companies that care about their environment. This led us to locating the new brand in the territory of naturalistic and collaborative intelligence.

A territory of its own

We developed a brand platform that enabled us to condense the conceptual territory and project a differentiated value proposition apt for both of the company’s targets. All this was synthesized in the concept ‘Dreams plugged in’.

The brand must reflect a close, cutting-edge, energetic and sincere personality. This circumstance, along with market variables, encouraged the creation of a new name, thus giving birth to ‘Iquord’. The new name combines the initials IQ, universally recognised as meaning intelligence quotient, with the suffix –uord as the phoneme from “sword”, signifying dexterity and efficiency. IQUORD symbolizes taking a step forward, providing the brand with a long-term vision. It is a name that speaks of progress, technology and experience.

The new visual identity is in keeping with the value proposition, resulting in a powerful image that doesn’t go unnoticed. It is expressed around the concept of the binary system, fundamental in technology and forming the base on which to build any number of things from an idea as simple as 1s and 0s. It is the perfect analogy to represent the brand’s DNA. IQUORD is as clear and honest as the binary system, thus displaying its capacity, and its engine for growth and sustainability. The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that inspired the visual universe of the new brand, which puts the best of nature to the benefit of people, enabling anyone to realize their dreams.