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After the success obtained by SparkUP, promoting innovation in the business fabric of the Murcia region, the organization is considering a new stage that takes the best of the past and prepares it for the future.

Spark Up should be transformed into a broader concept, which is a true transformation engine for all those companies that want to always be connected to a world in constant change.

Branward proposed a strategy for the new brand, capable of highlighting what makes it different and highlighting its outstanding value contribution.

The first step to change

SparK Up has been the best cycle of intensive and live presentations -bootcamp- with an eminently practical approach, so that its attendees become agents and leaders who determine change.

It has been configured as a community, not a business school, taking transformation as the backbone; with the desire to share among equals; with a great human component; and basing all knowledge on experience.

At Branward we propose a strategy for the new brand, capable of highlighting what makes it different and highlighting its value contribution.

Previous logo

An inspiring idea

As a conclusion to the strategy, we define the purpose of the new brand: Enhance the competitiveness of people and companies, through innovation, with the aim of promoting a positive and sustainable impact on our environment.

From this concept arose the brand idea: YOUR NEXT GOAL. A motivating concept focused on people’s ability to improve.

New identity

We looked for a name that connected with the brand strategy and idea in a direct and relevant way. A name capable of talking about why we move forward and how we materialize the necessary growth towards our next challenge.

The new brand is transformation and action, it is cause and energy, it is vocation and focus. It is an idea of action and growth through the spark that unleashes innovation. The new brand is INNOVATION & INSPIRATION : INNSPIRE

I am change

The starting point of all transformation is found in the attitude towards change, in individual growth as a fundamental basis for collective benefit. Personal empowerment is configured as a symbol of strength and engine of change, and level training plays a crucial role in this process, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to promote growth and evolution both at the individual level and in society in general. his set.

The corporate visual identity, including the brand system, is created considering this set of premises that invite action.

Searching for depth

The visual universe is created by highlighting people as the center of everything the foundation promotes. Innspire is a community united by the desire to grow together, sharing experiences. Each one is an essential part of giving meaning to the community.

In this way we combine color photographs with black and white images to emphasize their strength and fully convey all the emotions.