Iberostar Hotels

Experience is the star

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Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has been always devoted to ensuring people enjoyed their holidays with relish. With some 100 hotels located in the very top coastal locations, they have started to expand towards emblematic urban hotels. Within their growth plan, they proposed revising the very essence of the brand as a whole, in order to align it with the current necessities of their business and the new consumers’ expectations.

Branward carried out a process to redefine Iberostar’s positioning, in a task that involved a large internal and external analysis. After identifying that a hotel is formed by a combination of facilities and services, and it would be difficult for the first ones to pose an important differential element, the new proposal was based on enhancing a number of brand-related intangible assets.

The task involved a profound reflection on the segmentation of their accommodation offer, analysing possible future scenarios for their brand architecture, finding the one that suited them best to ensure the growth of the company and the understanding of the offer by their clients.

On the basis of defining the brand’s DNA, we developed their personality and transferred it to a personal style which translates into a tone of voice, a new colour palette and a renewed photographic style for all their communication pieces.