Giovanni Rana

A great love story

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The Italian firm Giovanni Rana is a world leader in fresh pasta. Since 1962, it has been producing and marketing its range of products, preserving the values of its artisan origin and selecting the best products for its recipes. From Verona -Italy he has managed to transmit the love of good pasta to almost everyone. In just a few years his dream has become a reality and Branward is proud to have effectively contributed to this enormous success in a long-standing relationship.

Our relationship with the brand is based on a winning project for the Spanish market. Winner of customer trust, winner of incredible percentages of market share increase, winner of international awards such as a Gold at Pentawards and another at Festival Sol.

We were able to break the codes of an entire category and position the brand as a benchmark in the market, to the point that others have tried to follow the same steps. The headquarters in Italy was no stranger to success, which it also adopted internationally.

The family grows

Innovation is a growth engine for Rana, which continues to grow and expand into more countries, offering better fresh pasta and fulfilling the dreams of a family that never stops growing.

One of the latest innovations is the range of fresh pasta without filling. Branward has created a very powerful and attractive image, with the aim of making it stand out in a complex line and help reinforce the brand’s values.

Another novelty is the “Bio Integral” family of organic products. We proposed a completely new design structure and organization of visual elements, but still respecting a global aesthetic for Rana. A completely overhead view, with very clear lighting, which highlights the ingredients and the most natural aspect of making the pasta.

These innovations have been accompanied by a new concept in the preparation of pasta: sautéing in a pan, in the form of the “gnocchi à poéler” range. A case that adds greater difficulty to the design, since it is important to highlight that it is a different way of preparing the pasta.