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Makes you shine

Germinal, from Laboratorios Alter, has been working since 1977 with the aim of providing long-lasting beauty under the concept: high Spanish cosmetics sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

In 1980 it revolutionized the industry with an innovative product: the first Flash ampoules in Spain. Thanks to years of research, innovation and development, they developed a wide portfolio of specific products for all skin types and needs, becoming the brand in which the most demanding consumers have confid the health of their skin.

But the generational changeover of customers requires a new look capable of understanding their specific needs and being able to connect with them in a way that adds value.

The brand requires a complete repositioning, capable of respecting its essence but distancing it from a competition that has grown over the years.

This new stage required a look from a non-exclusive angle focused on woman who really value the way they are and the way they look. We developed a positioning strategy based on attributes that had existed up to that point and which materialized from the brand idea: “Germinal makes you shine”. A secret that brings a ray of light to women.The brand strategy was supported by the creation of a simple and subtle visual universe. On the elegance of black and white photographs, the handwritten lettering in gold highlights the power of the messages. A language that invites the automatic association of ideas reinforcing the brand’s DNA. he codes have been rejuvenated while respecting its heritage, broadening the target towards an age range that incorporates a younger audience.

Germinal vitalizes woman’s skin, increases its radiance and transmits energy. On the other hand, we know that in cosmetics less is more, simplicity is an unquestionable premise. Based on these ideas we reviewed the brand identity, softening the typography and creating a visual icon formed by the initial letter underlined by a golden stroke, as a reflection of a very self confident personality. An icon to be remembered. The shiny stroke thus becomes the maximum representative of the expression of the brand, changing its color to facilitate the segmentation of the range and intervening in the packaging design to assert its personality. The names of each range have been reformulated to present the different benefits in an evocative way.