Finguer Bcn Park

New forms, new ideas

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The way we travel has changed. Travelers´ preferences have focused on enjoying destination experiences, to the detriment of advance costs that limit the trip itself. With this in mind, a new brand of alternative parking has emerged, one that takes care of your vehicle while you enjoy your trip. A breath of fresh air in the airport experience.


In the midst of the pandemic, Branward gave life to Finguer, a car parking solution with added services for those travelers who take care of their vehicle as an integral part of their life. The perfect option for those who want to park their problems and go.

Boundless personality

The brand was born with a positive and disruptive personality, committed to authenticity and offering agile solutions. Occupying the territory of the imagination, it breathes fresh air and spontaneity into traditional parking solutions. It is the perfect meeting point between the customer, their car, and the airplane that will take them to their destination.

The idea of confluence, of connection, became the focus of the strategy: on one hand, as the base concept of the business, and on the other, underlining the importance of human connection in relationships that bring peace of mind. This manifests as an untroubled state that frees our minds, opening our lives up to optimism. This is how we synthesized the strategy, framing the idea, “Park your troubles and fly away,” connecting the origin and the destination of any journey.

This brand positioning translated into an identity that shaped a very descriptive name, Finguer, itself a play on words that emerged as the perfect functional descriptor. The design challenge was to translate it into a visual idea that would improve user experience and boost the business. We created an identity that faithfully reflected the brand personality, and that sets up a world of imagery for communication. We developed a design system that embodied the franchise, the simplicity and flexibility of the brand, based on a simple rule: be easy to understand. The dynamic line is the true core of this identity, a simple concept that captures the essence of any trip. A line that traces a path, reflecting an ability to adapt, representing the car-walkway-airplane cycle. The perfect path to connect the dots.

We developed our own illustration style, with a set of icons based on the brand’s visual identity, easy to apply in both the digital and physical channels. The color palette is based on the journeys contrasts, giving life to a world open to the imagination.

Ready for takeoff

Communication is the final piece for a successful launch. Once the proper audience and channels were identified, we took a step back and thought about how to tell the new brand´s story with appeal. The brand idea was projected from different perspectives, always exciting so as to draw attention. All this under the main premise of ensuring consistency in everything the brand expresses, so as not to tarnish its worth.