Exeltis Chemo

A step forward in improving health

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Exeltis is born as a result of the natural evolution and sustained growth of the brand pharmaceutical business of CHEMO, a comprehensive group of health sciences. As a result, it becomes a global organization with a solid structure, with nearly 4,000 professionals in more than 40 countries, in which it is present through a network of more than 30 affiliates spread throughout the world.

Branward developed a comprehensive strategic analysis and defined the brand platform, from which a positioning aligned with the business strategy emerged: excellence, which also evokes the name of the Company and from which it was based to create a profile for its identity and image. The symbol was born under the concept of the Golden Proportion, a curious mathematical relationship known since ancient times, which guarantees the beauty of all those elements of nature where it is found: flowers, shells, human face… Complemented with a clear and forceful typography, slightly organic evocation, its identity is built under a blue chromatic base that brings it closer to the world of health.

As a reinforcement of visual identity, we also worked on verbal identity. We started with the creation of the corporate Tag Line “Rethinking healthcare”, in clear reference to a particular way of understanding the pharmaceutical business. A second level addressed the tone and creation of different messages that completely configure the communication of the Company.

To achieve and ensure unification in the implementation of the brand in more than 40 countries, we created an extensive brand manual, collected in an interactive digital platform – Brandhub.