Building a differential culture and universe

Brand Strategy, Brand Culture,
Brand Identity, Communication
Client: Eurofirms


Eurofirms is the leading national Human Resources company. For more than 25 years it has worked under a value management model based on three fundamental pillars: people, innovation and excellence.

This is one of the reasons why the company has become a quality benchmark in its sector, consolidating its own business model that puts people and their well-being first to obtain the best results.

People, at the centre of everything

People First is a space for inspiration. From and for people. From different perspectives and sectors, it addresses different topics, trends and news of human interest. Values, innovation, talent, social networks, technology, diversity, community, work, culture, motivation, future, etc. A universe of concepts sharing the same focus: people.

From this base we fill a meaning with content that enhances the emotional relationship, necessary to connect people, convinced that the brands are themselves relationships. Brand values are primarily responsible for building that meaning, located at the foundations and in front of the business, they promote everything that involves the brand. They have a powerful ability to transform the way in which relations with customers and other members of the public are configured. Working from these values, it is possible to build a culture from the brand itself, in the same way as identifying a purpose capable of generating trust.


Personality is among the main factors that make up a brand’s DNA, understood to be the set of attributes that determine the character with which the brand is expressed and related to its surroundings. Branward gave life to a verbal and visual universe of our own for the brand with the aim of reinforcing a unique, humble, simple, reliable and exciting personality. A set of codes that reinforce its corporate philosophy and its strategy of differentiation, consolidation and appropriation of very distinctive conceptual territories.

Understanding how we make others feel is key for brands to achieve success. It is about how the entire organisation behaves in a world that demands more than products and seeks a connection with meanings. In this sense, Eurofirms perfectly aligns the vision from the brand and the concept of human resources.

It is necessary to inwardly infuse what the brand represents. It is about getting that brand and culture work in tandem and working as a single force within the organisation. We developed a set of audiovisual communication materials, strengthening the sense of belonging, understanding that they should all ensure consistency at all points of contact, both internally and externally.

We made sure the brand speaks with one voice. We took advantage of the enormous power of storytelling to explain how we are and who we act. We understand that brands are made of stories and not products or services. We provide content through stories where the brand plays a fundamental role. Each interaction with the general public was designed to provide value.

The corporate video was the key piece amplifying the brand value proposition and spreading its business philosophy, connecting emotionally. Using a stop motion technique, we managed to emphasise the key points in a completely attractive manner.

A unique result was achieved after exploring and mixing multiple moving images made possible by the Blind Finger audiovisual studio in charge of management and the production company Blackbox, responsible for the production.
But above all, the criterion of authenticity prevailed. Eurofirms is an authentic brand: real, respectful and honest; which minimises the gap between promise and reality.

Convinced of its philosophy, Eurofirms reaffirmed itself in transmitting healthy eating advice by means of the edition of a book oriented towards “a good meal improves working performance”. Branward also developed a special graphic universe but still aligned with the whole using a mixed technique with a very fresh and modern result.


We effectively achieved employees sharing brand content, an aspect that multiplied their engagement and exponentially increased the impact abroad. At the same time, the combination of the effect of brand ambassadors and social selling became an excellent tool to attract customers.

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