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Redefining EBN for a new environment

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Since 1991, EBN Bank has led financial and corporate projects with a high degree of specialisation and value creation, with presence in the main fields of financial and corporate innovation.

This bank’s historical reality comes from its foundation by certain savings banks to manage their corporate banking business. The new reality and the new ownership and management of EBN imply redirecting its activity towards new opportunities that markets and technology offer.

An evolving framework

General economic reality has changed meaningfully over the past few years, which has had a decisive impact on the style and way in which current investors manage their assets.

This situation leads EBN to the need of redefining their corporate identity, taking into account the rise of online banking and keeping their positioning as experts, exclusiveness along with the values of kindness and closeness for their clients.

A new image for a new environment

Branward has come along the client all through, from an initial consultancy phase to a more strategic one which is reflected in the redesign of their corporate identity and their initial communication campaigns.

EBN Bank’s new identity relies on the principles of expertise and trust of an entity with 25 years of experience in financial markets. Other features such as solidity, efficacy and closeness help configuring a visual identity that has been widely accepted by their stakeholders and has proved open to growth through innovation.

EBN BANK, the specialised bank

EBN’s business structure relies on three main areas: investment banking, investment and funding. The first one provides with strategic consultancy and creative financial solutions, the second one works with an innovative products and investment services portfolio with the latest technology, and in the third one, every client can find answers to ensure success in their projects.

Look after your estate

EBN leant its renewal on the launch of the assets management division, an online counselling service for individuals’ investment portfolios management.

Commercialised products belong to third parties whereas the entity makes available for the client a wide range of options so that each client can set up the portfolio that suits them best.

Branward brewed this concept, rekindling EBN Grow, a name that synthetises the parallel with the satisfaction one obtains when seeing a garden oneself takes care of growing.

Under the headings of Grow, we designed the campaign “Nurture your investment” aimed at an audience who is open to finding a different way to interact with a bank.