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Changing when everything changes

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Since 1991, EBN Bank has led company and financial projects with a high level of specialization and creation of value, with a presence of the main areas of financial and business innovation.

The general economic reality has significantly changed in recent years, which has decisively influenced the style and form with which current investors manage their assets. This situation has to the need for EBN to redefine its corporate identity, taking into account the rise of digital banking and maintaining its positioning of expertise and exclusivity together with the values of warmth and closeness with its customers.

EBN bank’s new identity was based on the principles of experience and trust in an entity with over 25 years in financial markets. Other attributes such as integrity, efficiency and closeness round out a visual identity that has achieved wide acceptance amongst its stakeholders, and shows openness to growing through innovation.

EBN’s business lies in three main areas: investment banking, management and funding. The first offers strategic advice and creative financial solutions; the second works with an innovative portfolio of cutting edge investment products and services; in the third, every client can find answers to ensure the success of their projects.

ebn bank, take care of your wealth

EBN undertook its renewal with the launch of an asset management division, an online advisory to manage private investment portfolios. It markets third party products to offer its customers a wide range of options so that each one can make a portfolio to measure.

Branward distilled the concept, giving life to EBN Grow, a name that synthesizes the parallels with the satisfaction felt watching one’s own garden grow.

Within the concept of Grow, we launched the campaign ‘Cultivate your investment’, aimed at consumers looking for a new type of relationship with a bank.