Campo de Lorca

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United by a cause

Since 1989, Cricket (formerly Campo de Lorca) has led the European market in the cultivation and sale of fresh produce, focused mainly on brassicas. Since then, they have stood for the highest standards in quality, with innovation as one of the core principles of their growth.

In 2020, in a sector where brand management has been overlooked, they faced the challenge of a general lack of differentiation that limited their international growth and expansion.

In this crucial moment in the transformation of their business model, they relied on Branward to help them create a powerful brand worthy of the market leader that they are, building the trust of their customers and the preference of consumers. It was necessary to develop a full set of marketing, brand and communication tools to broadcast a concept that highlighted their heritage as a family company and their vision for the future through fresh original optics.

Finding a new path

A new path for the company’s journey requires a solid base on which to develop a future strategy. After a process of internal and external analysis, we developed a marketing plan for the brand to plot a new course for the company in every field.

As a result of this analysis, a new outline was defined for the product, communication, brand, channels, and people, etc. that marked a before and after in the history of Cricket.

Nobody travels without cause

This new focus required a brand strategy capable of reflecting a specific reality, differentiating its positioning so as to connect people with the company and its products. We defined a brand idea that became a landmark and a declaration of intent: “A good reason to hold your ground”.

Because planting oneself is a concept that perfectly synthesizes the brand’s commitment to the earth, to the field, to people and to society. Planting oneself is also an attitude, believing in something and defending it.

Secure in the belief that the new world will trust its heart, Cricket truly launched its message, backed by its brand strategy and purpose. We created a visual identity that urgently demands awareness from society, adopting a firm position that did not go unnoticed.

We developed a visual universe based on real, untouched images to reinforce an honest purpose: Respect for the earth, its fruits, highlights a regenerative model of agriculture. The fonts, in upper case, are perfect for drawing the reader’s attention.

Launching a brand requires planning that we initiated once the first steps of this project were conceived. Planning required the identification of each of the interest groups as well as the various points of contact. As well as customers, we were very conscious of the internal audience. Within the plan, we redefined the main communication tools in both physical and digital environments: website, video, packaging, trade fairs…

Finally, we developed a migration plan to update all of the brand assets to minimize risk and, at the same time, generate anticipation in the different interest groups.

“This project of over a year’s work presented our company with a great challenge that we wanted to leave in the best hands. Without a doubt, it has been a formidable experience working with such an expert, committed and close team as Branward, capable of bringing formidable analytic, strategic and creative vision”.

Antonia María Piernas
Dtora. Marketing y Comunicación Campo de Lorca