proyecto credit andorra

Crèdit Andorrà

Back to basics to build trust

Brand Strategy, Brand Reputation
Cliente: Crèdit Andorrà

proyecto credit andorra


During a difficult period for the Andorran bank, we helped Credit Andorra review its organizational values, with the aim of facilitating the management of its reputation through the brand’s intangibles.
An organization must assess its organizational profile to be able to identify and strengthen its major strategic resources.

Proyecto Credit Andorra
Proyecto Credit Andorra


The creation of company value fundamentally depends on the organizational structure, which empowers the rest of its assets, both tangible and intangible, to fulfill their specific role along the value chain.
Therefor, after analyzing the current situation, we developed a strategic roadmap from several perspectives that highlighted the role of the communications department in this process. The roles and functions of each area were established, aligning their perspectives and strengthening their capacity.

Proyecto Credit Andorra

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