Creating value from brand architecture

Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture
Client: Cofidis


Cofidis is a financial entity specializing in remote loans, created in France in 1982 as the financial division of the group 3 Suisses International. The development of the company in Spain led them to take on a project of revision and definition of the brand architecture to foster the growth and success of the business, strengthening their position.

Their objectives lie in transmitting clarity to various stakeholders, defining an order, an objective and a purpose, maximising synergies amongst products, boosting growth and extending brand values to other targets.

Brand Portfolio Matrix

This is a tool that enables the creation of an organized strategy through prioritization. The essence of this matrix is that brands, products and markets can be classified according to variations of two fundamental dimensions: market appeal and relative brand strength. Its analysis aids in decision making to help the organization meet its challenges. Some decision could be simple, other more complex. Nevertheless, focussing on the key issues provides enormous help in finding answers faster and better, while achieving a brand organization that bolsters strategic goals and leads to measurable success.