Coca Cola Spain

Engagement in hospitality channels

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Coca Cola Spain detected the arrival of an imported product with a lower price aimed at the hospitality industry in Catalonia that was endangering their local sales strategy. In the face of this parallel market, a way to boost consumption of the domestic product had to be found.

After a process of analysis and the search for potential levers to activate and increase engagement, the final decision was taken to differentiate and promote the local product by creating a series of collectibles to add value. The campaign was carried out in two waves that reaped rewards for the brand. Thus were born “Artcelona” and “FutbolArt”.

“Futbol Art” was the first collection based on the idea that bars and football are closely linked. Tying this to the concept of culture, this series recreated everyday scenes of the sport with the perspective and style that renowned artists such as Picasso, Dali, Miró or Gaudi could have given them. The result was a pluralistic view of contemporary art in various creative languages that shared the same focus: connecting art and football. The illustrations from this collection are the work of Francesc Punsola, under the direction of Brandward.

Artcelona. Singular Monuments

“Artcelona” is a collection that finds inspiration in reinterpreting unique monuments found in Barcelona and Catalonia. Both the capital and the region breathe art and culture from all their pores, while Mediterranean culture is known for its leisure spots, such as its bars. Blending both elements places Coca Cola in a framework that transcends the benefits of the product and connects it directly with highly significant locales, where it has always been present. In the hands of illustrator Iván Bravo, the statue of Columbus, Montjuic, the Palau de la Musica (concert hall) and the ruins of Empuries were given life.