Casa Oller Colliers

A building transformed into a brand

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Casa Oller is one of the most symbolic buildings of Catalan modernism and stands out due to its inspiration in the medieval world and traditional craftsmanship. Focusing on the concept of the project, we found one main recurring element throughout the building: floral motifs. The flower, a characteristic of the modernist movement, can be found on the facades, on the balcony, at the front entrance and on the picture windows, among other places. Thus was born the graphic universe we created for Casa Oller.

Turning a legendary building into a brand is a thrilling experience. At the same time, it is an exercise in responsibility and respect. Therefore, after an in-depth study of the building and its origins, we developed a stylebook with all the elements the client needed to establish its identity: logo, colours, font, signage, a visual photographic style, promotional tools, website, etc.