The taste of emotions

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Some images belong to the commemorative book, by Manuel Estrada

Carmencita is a family business with almost 100 years of history, conjuring up images of spices in many Spanish families. What began as a couple’s small business in 1920 is now a company managing the sale of over 700 references.

Currently, the CARMENCITA brand blames the new reality brought about by changes in their environment for the increase in MDD and for the loss of added value, wondering how to consolidate their future through the brand.

Together with the heads of various areas within the company, we initiated a project of Strategic Visioning, with the aim of identifying and co-defining the company purpose and a set of common goals.

We then tackled the brand platform through an analysis that enabled us to clearly understand the current and future reality of the company and their business, identifying potential opportunities as well as possible obstacles to overcome. Thus, we highlighted a brand territory based on awakening emotions, giving shape to the elements that make up the brand’s DNA (values, benefits, positioning, personality, value proposition).

As a result, we succeeded in repositioning the brand from a posture of how things are done to focus on why they are done that way, imbuing the brand with emotion and aspiration.

We also encouraged those emotional attributes which closely connect with the customers, making them participants in the brand. All this was synthesized in the value proposition that encapsulated the essence of Carmencita: ‘Your date with sensations.’

We created storytelling for the brand, a narrative that connected its own history, its identity and the place it occupies in people’s minds.

Brand Activation

Lastly, we developed the basis for brand activation from work on a matrix of experience to guarantee that the brand offers meaningful experiences. This led us to identify and prioritize a range of initiatives on the main pillars for activation. Launching a brand requires a complex but gratifying effort. Planning from the beginning of the rebranding process is critical, as is paying attention to details like key audiences, communication, time and follow-up. We shared in an exciting time which culminated in the celebration of the brand’s 100th anniversary.