Moving forward in the science of life

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Bioiberica is a global company in the life sciences sector committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people, plants and animals. They specialize in identifying and extracting therapeutically valuable biomolecules for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

The company’s Healthcare area is experiencing robust growth, developing new ingredients within various segments: Mobility, Beauty & Skin, Derma, Digestive, Cognitive.

To shape its future, it needs a new focus based on the customer’s perspective. We were therefore asked to review and reorder its handbook of branded ingredients seeking maximum consistency and added value.

A new step in mobility

Once a more holistic view of the benefits of its products was adopted, it was time to review how each concept was delivered. The project was developed in tandem for the areas of Mobility and Digestive. We established different models to rationalize the brand portfolio, optimizing the relationship between them, setting up guidelines for visuals and nomenclature. We proposed a new architecture for the composition of brand names with the aim of promoting current and future consistency. In each case, we considered how much it contributed to both business and brand strategies. We defined a new model made up of 3 blocks: prefix (ingredient) + suffix (benefit) + modifier (scalability).

Once the guidelines for name architecture had been established, we moved on to the creation phase, with the difficulty of a registration reach of up to 25 countries.

Sustaining who we are

Following the creation of new brand names under a common strategy, we undertook the development of a consistent visual identity for the whole portfolio.

Different scenarios were assessed before deciding on a universal system with indirect visual relationships amongst the various Ingredient brands.

The logo is like the launching pad for identity, but to reinforce its personality, we created a brand system, discernable through fonts, colour palette, image style – both photography and illustration, shapes and structures.

“Working with Branward has been a very positive experience.
On a professional level, a 10 for his experience in brand creation and strategic vision. On a personal level, another 10 for their excellent treatment, always attentive and with exceptional service”.

Mónica Gómez Navarro
Product Manager Healthcare