Árqura Homes Sareb

Beginning of many stories

NamingVisual identityCommunication

Branward was the consultant chosen by Sareb to create the Árqura Homes real estate brand, dedicated to the development of residential projects based on unfinished land and works owned by the entity. Árqura will invest more than 2,200 million euros in the construction of 17,000 homes located in almost all Spanish regions, thus becoming a reference developer that will compete in the open field with the main firms in the sector such as Metrovacesa, Neinor, etc.

The new brand was born in the 21st century, where new models for the acquisition and use of goods and services are being generated, where models of families and homes are being restructured, and where more and more people are pursuing a continuous search for conciliation between development , progress and sustainability.

We worked on different concepts such as those linked to the context, to the aspirational motives of the clients, to the direct benefit; but also pursuing other more differential ones such as the idea of creation itself and dynamism understood as progress in life.

Naming. The beginning of a good story

A good name is the beginning of a good story. However, the main obstacle that names for new brands face is the enormous difficulty of obtaining the relevant registration. We developed up to 200 creative alternatives that were refined and filtered until we reached a short list on which a new filtering was also carried out. The proposals presented met the 10 basic principles of a good name: notoriety, distinctiveness, durability, evocative, credibility, coherence with the trademark system, legibility, registrable, free of negative associations, etc.

Finally, the name chosen was Árqura, which places the brand directly in the context of architecture and also evokes security, accessibility, solvency, tranquility… The final name was completed with the base line “Homes” to further reinforce its belonging to a specific sector. .

Visual universe of the brand

To contrast the seriousness of the symbol we use a very updated color range. Coral was the Pantone chosen, it symbolizes life and optimism. Blue/purple tones express strength, power, truth, rest and serenity. The result is a fresh combination that provides a touch close to the brand.

The visual universe created around the brand greatly enhances its differentiation and recognition in the market, composing its own language for brand communication. We define an entire personality that gives life to the brand and facilitates the creation of dialogue. Each of the elements that make it up have been designed to generate a living world that facilitates the growth of the brand.