Discovering something wonderful

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TEB is a social cooperative that since 1965 has developed initiatives professionally and socially supporting people with intellectual disabilities and at risk of exclusion, located in Barcelona. To facilitate its integration, it offers a series of quality services and products, among them it has the brand “La despensa social”, which sells cereals and spices.

After some time on the market, this product brand does not enjoy the desired recognition and needs a boost to help it collaborate effectively in the cause of TEB.

Inspiring with every action

Branward worked alongside the TEB management team on a project that started from the analysis of the cooperative itself to later focus on the reality of the “The Social Pantry” brand.

We could observe that the the trend towards conscious consumption is already a proven reality, despite this the brand had not strengthened its relationship with the organization. We also note that the new economic-social framework forces the third sector to be prepared for competition in the market, however its own resources to promote the brand were very limited. This made it necessary to propose a disruptive strategy with the trajectory that the brand had followed until now.

Previous logo

The value of meaning

The new strategy for the brand is based on understanding that it is necessary to stop thinking about the offer to focus on the result. We start from the territory that we call “the value of meaning”, convinced that the path towards equal opportunities requires raising the consciousness of society towards a more objective vision that includes the realities of the underprivileged.

This led to the understanding that the brand must be a catalyst that inspires people in their individual contribution to society. It must have the ability to stir consciences, its character must be unique to stand out in the market, it must be perceived as a safe value.

The brand must be configured as a container of meaning, a driver for all those who become aware that every small gesture can make a big difference. We are faced with the opportunity to build an iconic brand.

The name does the thing

“The social pantry” is a name that refers to food, visually the term “social” remains in the background. The new brand is called to be much more than a food brand, it must have the capacity to contain a broad portfolio and be able to cross the consumption barrier to reach a social level. It must stir consciences, it must reach people’s souls.

We created a new name, “Anma”, which refers directly to the emotional side of each one. It is born from a play on words between “alma” and “ànima” (Catalan term for ‘soul’). It has the strength to be transversal to different market segments and practically becomes a palindrome, very easy to remember.

Verbal Identity

The personality of the brand takes on a certain provocative character, drawing the attention of everyone who contacts it. Under the brand idea “Make something wonderful,” we create a narrative that drives individual discovery and participation, true to the brand purpose. Do you consume or collaborate?

People form the center of the strategy, both from an external and internal perspective. For this reason, we gave voice and prominence to different women and men who thus become true protagonists.

Sense, sensitivity, desire

Packaging begins and ends with the brand. The packaging strategy led us to directly transfer the brand’s DNA to the packaging itself. In this case, under an idea of minimalism and impact, we created a design capable of synthesizing what is truly important.

On the one hand, the packaging places the customer’s interests at the center, clearly transmitting the DNA of the brand. On the other hand, it becomes a communication tool with all the sensitivity capable of inviting action. Finally, it manages to attract attention and arouse interest, as a result of the two previous points.

The result strengthens the brand’s values and raises the perception obtained from it.