Natural commitment

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Casa Matachín is a specialist in poultry products. Its name derives from the old profession of home animal slaughter for the preparation of cured and canned meat.

The matachín was a highly knowledgeable person in the field who gathered folk wisdom about meat and its preparation, mastered the use of seasoning and the interplay of aromas and textures, all to achieve perfect preservation with the richest flavours.

The company, which dates back to the 60s, continues a family tradition, and since the 90s has reached a deal with Padesa, a firm specializing in turkey meat.

A Question of Focus

Rooted in tradition, the company has followed a strategy of reinforcing large-scale distribution. The company’s organic growth has led to a situation where 10 brands coexist, targeting a variety of types of point of sale. With the desire to consolidate their future business plan, they asked Branward to assess the feasibility of changing the brand denomination and, if possible, the creation of a new brand.

Brand Platform

In order to carry out a clear and thorough analysis, we sought to gain a total understanding of the brand’s reality, its environment and the relationship amongst all the parts of the ‘group’, both at the corporate and product level. We implemented a thorough audit that enabled us from the outset to identify existing gaps between Casa Matachín and Padesa. We also conducted a semantic analysis that revealed a negative perception of the current name. Brandward then undertook a complete brand strategy, based on an insight that highlighted consumer sensitivity towards products of known origin. This placed us in the territory defined by honesty.

New Positioning

Based on the premise of achieving an agreed vision of what the new brand would represent, we reformulated its positioning, setting it up as ‘the specialized food group brand in the widest range of poultry products, involved in every step of breeding and production, highlighting our people and place, and offering products for a conscientious society.

The whole concept is reflected in the brand idea: Committed, naturally.

Brand architecture

With the aim of transmitting clarity to the various stakeholders, we developed a new brand architecture that brought order and enabled synergy between brands, boosting its growth and increasing the reach of the corporate brand’s representation. An adept solution to meet the various needs: business, brand, distribution and consumer.

The New Brand: Aldelís

The strategy for this new stage meant reinventing the denomination of the main brand, Casa Matachín.

The new name was based on strategic positioning, seeking a denomination for the renewed food group and its product line.

Different creative paths were followed and various alternatives were submitted to a sequence of filters. In the end, the name chosen was Aldelís, which takes to a world of sensations, of delicious food, of flavour, of excellence.

For the creation of its visual identity, we synthesized the brand’s essence and its commitment to its surroundings. We created a handwritten logo as a reflection of the brand’s honesty, underlining its transparency and proximity.