The new identity of brand experts

Brand Identity, Brand Image
Client: Asociación Española
de Branding



AEBRAND was founded in 2010 aiming to represent, promote and position the professional group of branding in Spain before all economic, political and social entities and sectors.

After 9 years since its foundation, having consolidated their initial objectives, they sensed the need to shift their approach to open up to all of the guild interested in effective brand management, gathering professionals, scholars, institutions, brands, etc. The new phase is defined by further opening, reaching horizons of higher value.

This reorientation leads to the need for completely renewing its identity, for which they held a proposals competition, amongst which, Branward’s was chosen winner being, furthermore, the first proposal also Branward’s.



The first strategic decision consisted in renaming the organisation, which hereinafter lets go the concept of ‘companies’ in order not to be restrictive, whilst keeping the same acronym.

The concept of opening was solved through the idea of identifying the reality of a wide collective who had been previously discriminated, represented through the connection of different points into a common goal.

The previous identity was simplified to achieve a greater impact and a more contemporary look&feel capable of integrating numerous interests. The symbol of AEB disappears and a logo is introduced in an attempt to assert its raison d’être, in a clear, direct and transparent way.

Capitals typography is switched to that of a lower case, much kinder and closer, with a red dot finish, inherited from the previous version, however assuming an essential strategical role, claiming the solidity and security of a whole collective.


The colour gamut was essentially respected, although it was subtly qualified to obtain a fresher red, with further usability in digital formats, where the brand performs 90% of the time.

To complete the new image, a significative visual universe was created, aligned with the brand’s personality, simple and clear. Kind icons, applying primary colours, and the deliberate use of free spaces considerably contribute to conveying the central idea of the new Aebrand.


Branding. Full stop.

This is the concept that gathers the true essence of the new identity. Before the new framework, branding is what is really important, and it is reflected in the simplified version formed by a “b” and a “dot”. Simple, very simple, and extremely clear.

This synthesis of the logo allows us to have a vision of the brand that we can use on specific occasions and be much more visible in small formats, websites and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…).