Branding, period

Visual identity

AEBRAND was born in 2010 with the mission to represent, promote and position the business collective of branding in Spain in every field and economic, political and social sector.

9 years after its founding, having achieved its initial goals, it saw the need to reorient its focus to open up to the entire collective interested in efficient brand management, incorporating professionals, academics, institutions, brands, etc. The new stage has been defined by more openness, reaching planes of higher value.

The concept of openness was based on the idea of identifying the reality of a broad collective represented by bringing together different points with a common goal.

Its previous identity was simplified to make a greater impact, with a more contemporary look&feel able to integrate a range of interests. The AEB symbol vanished and a new logo was created to express its raison d’être clearly, directly and transparently.

The upper case letters were replaced with friendlier and more approachable lower case ones, rounded off with a red dot, a legacy of the previous version, but in this case playing a fundamental strategic role, laying claim to the solidity and safety of an entire collective.

Creative concept: Branding, period

This concept gets to the true essence of the new identity. Within its new setting, branding is what is really important, which is reflected in the simplified version formed by the letter ‘b’ and a ‘period’. Simple and extremely clear.

The synthesis of this logo gives us a version of the brand to use on specific occasions that is more visible in small formats, websites and social networks. (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)