UGT 130th Anniversary

Client: UGT
Brand Strategy, Brand Execution.
Audit & Research, Corporate Identity,
Packaging design, Brand extension,
Advertising and Social Media.

When we got invited to UGT’s 130th anniversary contest, we took it as an opportunity to remind society that a large part of today’s existing progress in Spain is thanks to UGT.

Besides, we wanted to seize the opportunity to rejuvenate UGT’s image, and that way generate interest amongst new generations thanks to a new design and a new way to communicate their messages.

Time to recall everything that was achieved.

Communication strategy.

We needed a guiding thread or concept to help us communicate actions and events related to the 130th anniversary all year round.
This concept of communication would allow us to:

• Achieve the global goals of the 130th anniversary
• Participate effectively with involved parties
• Demonstrate and show the success of our work
• Make sure people understand what we have achieved
• Modify users’ behaviour and perceptions

We assume the notoriety of UGT’s work and relevance amongst all adult workers in Spain is well known. But it is also necessary to acknowledge that there is still a long way to go in the field of communication. Thus, we needed to take advantage of this commemorative year in order to start communicating in a different way, more aligned with the new trends.

We had a unique opportunity to, through this 130th anniversary, both those who know UGT as well as those who it “rings a bell” to, start seeing it in a closer and modern way.

The concept

We needed a concept to help us scaffold all the communication actions to be carried out during the 2018-2019 period.

A concept related to the legacy of UGT and its history, full of progress.
Experience tells us that every brand/organisation who counts on a tradition and a legacy and wants to empathise with the audience by telling a story needs a storytelling.

UGT was founded with the objective of standing for the rights of workers and, above all, dignifying every worker’s profession. And Pablo Iglesias, founder of UGT, was a: typographer.

Besides, during UGT’s First National Workers’ Congress 5,154 people joined, of which, 1,391 belonged in the Spanish Typographic Federation, the sector with the largest constituency.

Pablo Iglesias, putting together thousands of letters a day, gradually internalised the Union of thousands of workers he would end up founding.
A delightful metaphor that tells us that out of Pablo Iglesias’ very profession, joining letters into words, which become opinion, UGT would be born later on.

Snapshots from UGT’s 130th anniversary opening ceremony, performed last August in Barcelona, created and produced by Branward.