The pharmaceutical industry needs to jump from patents to people as the only guarantee to gain their trust. In this sense, the long learning experience already experienced in the consumer sector represents a huge opportunity for an industry that needs to transform the way it understands its business.

We are facing a changing reality that requires new relationships between laboratories and their targets. The main key to achieving this is to think from the brand and not from the product, as has already happened in consumption.

First Steps for the Pharmaceutical Industry

On this path, the first step is to reorganize the Companies internally. Marketing departments must be realigned by incorporating figures who have been absent in most cases: Brand Managers. They will be internally responsible for this evolution, based on a strategic profile that facilitates the identification of the essence of the brand, its identity, its image and directing its teams of Product Managers, more focused on the development and marketing of its products.

The pharmaceutical industry must understand the relationship between reason, on which it has been built, and emotion, which is directly related to brands as assets linked mainly to feelings. Brands stand as unique and strong impressions that have the ability to generate a personal bond with them. While products form the rational basis, the synthesis of a promise into a tangible one through which the brand generates an experience in direct contact with people.

The Objectives

The goal in this process will be to place the customer at the center of the brand-building strategy. But in this case the “customer” is given by a triangulation that needs to balance the relationship between doctor, pharmacist (both prescribers) and patient (or now already consumer since he takes an active role).

This orientation forces us to reconsider how to manage a complete brand experience, in the same way that it is already being done and claimed by other sectors that have been closer to the customer.

Here packaging becomes a fundamental element, especially for those products without a medical prescription. Pharmacies are being transformed into commercial spaces focused on care and health. On the other hand, the liberalization of prices and self-service in many segments such as food supplements, cosmetics or Medical Devices forces brands to take special care of the design of their packaging, as responsible for the last moment of truth, when the consumer decides which product he is going to take and it is necessary to seduce him.

Not only notoriety, but also values

But this decision must be reinforced by a multichannel and multistakeholder experience with the brand, where all efforts converge to provide value and not just notoriety. Prescribers need arguments for the correct transmission of the values of the brand and its products. More training, better conditions… Tools to be closer to the end customer. At the other extreme, consumers pursue experiences focused on themselves rather than the lab; It’s not about telling them how good we are, but about making them feel heard and being part of a community that brings them something greater than a specific solution.

The digital world represents a great opportunity to improve the brand experience by enhancing the relationship with the customer. It allows for greater personalization by facilitating engagement, it is an excellent way to add to the usual functional information a more focused component from an emotional perspective that can cover different platforms, real-time responses… A new range of possibilities where pharmaceutical companies can play a leading role.

All of this is aimed at building
brand equity
and value for the Company, towards a base where branding is the ideal ground to cement solid and lasting relationships with customers, an aspect that has already been demonstrated for some time in mass consumption and other sectors. It is important that pharmaceutical brands are built from the same principles, capturing trust so that the customer is loyal, consumes, remembers and recommends them.


Carlos Puig Falcó

President of Branward®

Photos: Shutterstock

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