In the age of technology, it is important to review how we bring products to market. Of course, the internet has radically changed the world we live in. Today we demand to be able to choose wherever we are and obtain it quickly, with all that this means for retail. The problem lies in understanding the extent to which the online world can affect the way brands experience offline.

For packaging, the solution is not to achieve a symbiosis of both worlds in a single scenario, but to get the best of each of them to create a common and differential imaginary in the minds of customers. Of course, a consumer will not be too affected by the information that appears on a pack when making an online purchase, however, the information that appears about the brand and the product on its respective portal will be important. On the other hand, you will surely value how you receive the product at home, giving greater relevance to transport packaging.

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Again, putting the customer’s interests at the center is the foundation of any strategy. For today’s consumer, the shopping experience is much more meaningful than the mere fact of purchasing the product. Digital advances make it possible to enhance one of the most valued aspects of their relationship with brands: personalization, understood in the sense that it establishes a direct relationship with them, and offers them a certain sense of exclusivity.

The advantages of digital printing are evident in this regard because it has been proven that customization and personalization favor consumption. This is just the first step in building a dialogue through packaging that continues thanks to social media. A story that shouldn’t start or end in the pack, but that has enormous potential through the brand.

Digitalization also provides the possibility of turning packaging into a powerful source of information for customers and the Organization. The digital identification of packaging manages to connect the customer with a parallel world to which the brand wants to convey them; and on the other hand, it allows you to obtain traceability tracking, interesting for customers and companies by ensuring the quality of the content. It can also be a great tool in itself to obtain real-time inventory control, very valid for the control and management of resources of the Companies.

According to a report by Tetra Pak, about 75% of consumers would choose brands that provide extensive information, far beyond what is expected on a label. There is also an increase in the percentage of those people who value the possibility of using their mobile phone to obtain more information when they are physically in stores. It’s a great combination and a great opportunity for brands on their journey to building customer engagement .

People are looking for something more from brands, and digital tools can make it easier to build unique brand experiences. Packaging will continue to be the gateway to a fantastic world of perceptions.


Carlos Puig Falcó

CEO of Branward®


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