Why do they call it love when they mean sex?

I’ve borrowed the title of this funny comedy, by director Manuel Gómez Pereira, to provide my vision of the eternal discussion between marketing, branding and advertising.

Much has already been written on the subject, but in our country it still seems to be not sufficiently clear what the scope of each one is. We may think that we all know what marketing or advertising is, but when we also add branding then things get complicated.

I would like to insist that
marketing comes from the market and not from the brand
, because there are often still those who get confused. Logically, it is based on the market orientation of a business. It obeys to offer products/services that satisfy a demand. That being said, we can now talk about branding and advertising.

Branding involves defining the who, what, how, and where of a brand. Its attributes, its values and its differential promise on which any strategy must revolve. It represents an approach to a certain way of approaching brand management, from its most strategic and creative aspect.

Advertising will make these reasons known to the public, will be inspired by them and will try to emit a notorious, memorable and seductive message according to the values of the brand.

When branding and advertising converge, the results are obvious.

Why is love to branding what advertising is to sex? Because they can coexist, but each one plays a different role.

Like love, branding builds long-term relationships. It makes it possible to define and enhance attributes, values and differences, it is a generator of trust, it establishes the foundations for a relevant dialogue between the two parties. Undoubtedly, it has a high strategic component that is at the very base of building a brand. Just as the union of a family is consolidated, branding manages to generate a sense of belonging.

In the case of advertising , I dare say that, like sex, it pursues immediate results (except for certain corporate campaigns). It allows for any strategy to quickly increase sales, just as anyone looking for the prize of sex on a night out would.

Let’s be clear that in the construction of a solid brand, business strategy and brand strategy must be aligned. Logically, good advertising converges with brand strategy. So it doesn’t make sense to generate any confrontation between them, both are necessary and complementary. But it is necessary to be clear about what the objective is in order to identify whether it is time for love or for sex.


Carlos Puig Falcó
CEO at Branward