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A Brand Manifesto describes the WHY of the Company, i.e. its purpose, and why that is important to people. It’s an emotional story that captivates the audience, really connects with them, and persuades them to feel like theirs. It should be a powerful, profound phrase that inspires action. By sharing it, you can convey what the brand believes in.

Don’t be confused by the Company’s mission statement, which is usually vague and generic. The mission defines the main strategic objectives that the Company sets for itself and that are formalized according to a shared vision. The purpose is the very reason for the existence of the brand, beyond the logical generation of business.

The Brand Manifesto, as an element of visualization of that purpose, not only inspires customers, but also employees and helps attract talent. It should be built on the principle of authenticity, a characteristic that all brands must comply with today, and it should show why we are unique and not just different. While the mission is somewhat invisible, a Brand Manifesto is charged with energy, effectively shows the face of the Company and becomes an important part of the brand strategy.

How to create a Brand Manifesto

1. Identify your “why”

Your brand’s purpose is the foundation for creating the Brand Manifesto. Review the essence of the brand, ask what was the origin of the Company and the reason for its raison d’être.

2. Give your audience a voice

Listen to your audience and find out what they value about your brand. Give them a voice in the story, write in the second or third person to connect on a much more personal level.

3. Describe how you add value to them

Use inspirational words and phrases to spark the imagination and elicit concrete actions. Find the words that connect with people’s aspirations, dig deeper, and take into account their passions. Consider all the devices of the narrative, from alliteration to metaphors.

Creating a Brand Manifesto is creating a promise for everyone who connects with your brand. It is in itself a guide to what the brand stands for, it is part of the brand’s story and like every story it is much more than a marketing tool and opens the door to future connections.


Carlos Puig Falcó

CEO of Branward®

Photos: Shutterstock


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