The First Report on Sex, Age and Brand Valuation in Spain, carried out by Branward, brand consultancy, and
, Institute for Market Research and Strategic Marketing, has been officially presented. Find out how the presentation event took place on March 31 in Madrid.


We analyze the conclusions expressed and the most relevant data.

How was it done?

The study was carried out through more than 800 online interviews with men and women between the ages of 16 and 65 in 17 Autonomous Communities of Spain.

What are the most relevant facts?

Of the 17 sectors analysed, 14 are male and only 3 sectors are markedly female, with the oldest male sectors being 41 years old on average compared to 37 years for women. Household appliances are the best-valued sector, with political parties being the worst.



Of the 90 brands analysed, 65 are male, 24 are female and 1 is neutral. There are markedly female brands, including Zara (89%), followed by Día Supermarkets (84%), H&M (82%) and Mango (80%). The very masculine brands are occupied in first position by the newspaper El Mundo (96%), followed by Red Bull and ABC with a high 94%.

In this study, 3 rankings stand out: top 10 brands by gender, top 10 brands by age and top 10 brands by rating.




Among the 10 best-rated brands there is an equality between men and women. However, the average rating in brands considered feminine (6.1) is higher than those considered masculine brands (5.6).


Curiosities, surprises and conclusions.

Intrusive brands have been detected in their sectors, unrequited brands and some other surprises. For example, El Pozo is considered masculine in a feminine sector. Balay, Orange, Meliá and Mini are female in men’s sectors. And in the soft drinks sector, Trina is a girl; but the Cola War is being waged between two brands, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, perceived as feminine by more than 40%.

Find out all about the First Report on Gender, Age and Brand Valuation in Spain and download the full report here.


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