Today’s market is really volatile and unpredictable. Even if you have a long track record, even if you think you’re doing things right, growing a business is not something that can be taken for granted. You can’t let your guard down, the competition is tough and any company can lose penetration and sales at any given time.

Normally, you react to this with new product launches, entry into new segments, business mergers. But that won’t be enough if you focus only on a market perspective. In all cases, a combination of brand building and activation is necessary.

Brand building is the main driver to achieve growth in the medium and long term, but it will be important to combine it with proper brand activation.

At this point, the options are clear: first start with a good strategy for your brand, capable of incorporating the changing variables of the market, and then worry about executing it in an agile way.

Aligning the brand with the business

Think about the length, and then you can prepare the starting point. Aligning your brand with your business is the best way to create a roadmap designed for growth. The business vision is responsible for guiding all business decisions, including the brand itself. Putting your brand and business together is the best way to ensure that you stay true to who you are, what you stand for, and what you do. It should be for what you’re saying too.

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In this way, the brand strategy will take into account all the variables necessary to actively contribute to the business strategy (product, market, competition, target…) and will transform them into a differential positioning, a clear value proposition, a story that connects, and a memorable customer experience.

Excelling at strategy execution

Be sure to project the strategy not only outwards. Employees with different ideas about what the brand stands for are one of the main pores through which brand equity is diluted. Reinforce your own culture capable of channeling your own values into behaviors and actions.

Closely connected to the brand’s purpose, the customer experience should evolve in the same way that the brand evolves. Start with an objective look at how your customers come into contact with the brand and the experience you offer them, you will surely be able to detect those points that are really fundamental for the construction of memorable moments. Identify your current customers, but also project to future customers.

Finally, keep in mind that business growth strategies are never achieved with a brand that is not strong and flexible enough to adapt to the market. No matter the path you decide to take to grow your business, the brand plays a fundamental role in all of them. In this process, brand clarity is a factor that you can’t overlook; The second element is brand consistency, without which you will not be able to move forward steadily.


Carlos Puig Falcó

CEO of Branward

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